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About California PATH

California Partners for Advanced Transportation TecHnology (PATH) was established in 1986. It is administered by the Institute of Transportation Studies (ITS), University of California, Berkeley, in collaboration with Caltrans. PATH is a multi-disciplinary program with staff, faculty and students from universities statewide, and cooperative projects with private industry, state and local agencies, and non-profit institutions.

PATH's mission is to develop solutions to the problems of California's surface transportation systems through cutting edge research. PATH develops these solutions by harnessing the knowledge of transportation researchers, working in conjunction with experts in the fields of information technology, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, economics, transportation policy and behavioral studies. The PATH charter includes conducting leading research, planning and evaluating field operational tests, developing partnerships between academia, the public sector and private companies, and educating both students and practitioners.

The PATH Program emphasizes research directions that offer potentially large improvements in the operations of the transportation system, relative to those that can make only incremental improvements. At the same time that PATH addresses the relatively long-term, high-impact solutions, it also addresses the evolutionary steps that will be necessary to get to the long-term solutions.

PATH research is divided into three program areas:
  • Transportation Safety Research
  • Traffic Operations Research
  • Modal Applications Research
Caltrans provides a portion of PATH funding; the remaining funding comes from the US Department of Transportation, other state and local agencies and private industry.

PATH has 45 full-time staff members, including program management and administration as well as a core group of research staff. PATH supports the research of nearly 50 faculty members and 90 graduate students.

Thomas West, director of CCIT since 2006, and Roberto Horowitz, Professor at UC Berkeley are co-directors. Horowitz is the James Fife Professor in Mechanical Engineering at UC Berkeley.